Floor Care & Accessories

Discount Flooring carries a full line of carpet and flooring care including these fine products:

FloorCare EssentialsFloorscapes-display[2]

  • Carpet Care Kit : Stain Remover, Microfiber Cloth,Carpet Cleaning Key
  • Hard Surface Kit: Microfiber Cleaning Mop, Hard Surface Cleaner, Microfiber Clothes, Carpet Cleaning Key
  • Carpet Spot Remover
  • Hard Surface Cleaner
  • Odor Eliminator
  • Microfiber Cloths 2 pack
  • Microfiber Dry Mop Replacement Cloth
  • Microfiber Wet Mop Replacement Cloth
  • Carpet Cleaning Key

Adhesives & Accessories

  • DS100 Adhesive
  • DS200 Seam SealerHenry's AdhesiveDS100
  • 3044 Adhesive
  • SU80 Seam Sealer Kit
  • SU106 Seam Sealer Kit
  • Duraceramic Grout
  • S-356 Multi-purpose floor adhesive
  • Laminate Installation Kit
  • Armstrong Residential Glue S-288
  • Low Gloss S-564 Seam Sealer Kit
  • V-31 Adhesive
  • MLG-33 Seam Sealer Kit (includes VST-96,2oz applicator bottle)
  • MSSO Seam Sealer (use withVST-96 tip)
  • VST-96 tip (versatile tip with 4oz applicator bottle)


Ask about our other items:

  • Floor Diffusers by Accord – in many wood colors